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The Steinway Society's President, Gary Grimes, is presented a check by Ashley Vann, founder of the Victory Cup Initiative. Grimes competed by telling The Steinway Society's "story" along with nine other localThe Steinway Society’s major education program, piano lessons for disadvantaged children, has expanded to 12 locations in two counties serving almost 200 children. Under oversight of education director Sylvia Ferguson, the program features weekly lessons for ten weeks at seven community centers and five elementary schools,. It began in 2009 originally as part of Mayor Dyer’s Parramore Kid Zone.

The Society commissions an annual program impact report which measures student cognitive and grade improvements by those who take its music lessons. The report outlined how student performance improved almost universally not only in music skills, but academic skills in math and English, as well as developmental improvement.

“The education program is the most important service the Society provides. We know music training improves all-around mental and developmental skills in children,” said Steinway founder and President Gary Grimes.

Parental feedback included comments such as: ““We are loving the program and are excited to see his talents and abilities grow” and “I love the piano program. It gives opportunities that these kids would never get otherwise,” from parents of third graders, and “Learning a musical instrument builds morals and shows perseverance” from a parent of a 4th grader.

Locations include: J.B. Callahan Center; Smith Neighborhood Center; New Image Youth Center; Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center; College Park Community Center; Engelwood Neighborhood Community Center; Bridge To Independence Private School; Casselberry Elementary; Winter Springs Elementary; Bentley Elementary; Silver Pines Academy; Spring Lake Elementary; Midway Elementary; Orange Center Elementary; and Lake Orienta Elementary. Steinway fundraising provides the teachers, pianos used in classes and keyboards for practice.charities. This is the largest award ever received by The Steinway Society of Central Florida. Many thanks to Ashley Vann and the Victory Cup Board.

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