The big success story of the Steinway Society of Central Florida continues to be growth of its educational program consisting of piano lessons for disadvantaged children throughout Orange and Seminole counties.  Through community grants and Society fundraising events, complimentary lessons are being provided at nine locations for up to 140 young students at any session.


In addition, classes offered in community centers or boys and girls clubs, the Society now provides lessons in partnership with Seminole County School system. Three ten-week sessions a year are offered at most locations. Students range from kindergarten to ninth grade and progress over multiple classes as their skill levels improve. In the community centers, the Society provides the teacher, electronic pianos for classrooms, lesson plans and keyboards for students to use in home practice. 

The Steinway Society continues its initial mission to present refurbished pianos to talented children in need through its ‘piano bank’ giftings three times a year, under the leadership of Society founders Gary and Kathy Grimes. Done in partnership with community organizations, including Helpful Hands and the Seminole Cultural Arts Council (SCAC), at least five pianos are gifted each session.

Grants from local organizations continue to be the major part of the Society fundraising.  The Society piano lesson program was the number one rated Arts in Education project by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs for 2014-15. In addition, the Steinway Society of Central Florida ranked #1 on the Specific Cultural Project Priority List (out of 80 organizations funded from throughout Florida) by the 2016 Florida Legislature and ranks #1 (out of 110 organizations from throughout the State) on the current Priority List under consideration by the 2017 Florida Legislature. 


  Steinway Society Grants/Sponsors 2018

  • City of Orlando                                       $10,000

  • United Arts of Central Florida                       7,549

  • Steinway Piano Galleries                            15,275

  • Helpful Hands                                            7,500

  • Designs by Sandra                                      3,500

  • City of Orlando/Commissioner Samuel Ings    2,500

  • City of Orlando/Commissioner Regina Hill      2,500

  • John and Barbara King                                2,500

  • Right @ Home Luxury Furniture                   2,500

  • Wonsavage Family                                      2,500

  • Elizabeth Conklin                                        2,000

  • Suzanne Clark                                            1,000

  • Walter Kovshik                                           1,000

  • Dede Schaffner                                          1,000

  • Seminole Cultural Arts Council                     1,000


  Steinway Society Grants/Sponsors 2017


  • State of Florida                                       $25,000                                   

  • Walt Disney World                                    16,000         

  • Steinway Piano Galleries                           16,000

  • Helpful Hands                                           8,500

  • United Arts of Central Florida                      7,063

  • Right @ Home Luxury Furniture                  2,500

  • City of Orlando/Commissioner Samuel Ings  2,500

  • Alan Ginsburg                                           2,000

  • Suzanne Clark                                           2,000

  • City of Orlando/Commissioner Regina Hill     1,000

  • Seminole Cultural Arts Council                    1,000

The Steinway Society is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida.

   Steinway Society Grants/Sponsors 2016

  • City​ of Orlando                                    $ 5,000

  • State of Florida                                     25,000

  • United Arts of Central Florida                   6,790

  • Helpful Hands                                         8,500

  • Seminole Cultural Arts Council                  1,500

  • Steinway Piano Galleries                          9,000

  • Central Florida Foundation                       2,700 

The Steinway Society is supported by United Arts of Central Florida, host of and


“This project was funded (or funded in part) by the Community Investment funds of the Central Florida Foundation, Inc.”