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The Steinway Society of Central Florida was recognized by several grant awards this year, thanks to efforts by Board member Walter Kovshik and grant writer Jolene Patrou. 


“The Steinway Society is honored and grateful to receive these important local and national recognitions for its on-going mission to provide pianos and music education to hundreds of disadvantaged children in Central Florida,” said Gary Grimes, Steinway Society President. “We thank all the organizations which have support us.” The Society was founded by Gary and Kathy Grimes in 2009.


-The Mayor's Matching Grant of $9,500 for 2024 was presented by Mayor Buddy Dyer at an Orlando City Council meeting Dec. 11. The Society was among 12 groups receiving grants.


-The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Challenge America award of $10,000 to support its music education program which provides weekly piano lessons in multiple locations to disadvantaged children.


-United Arts of Central Florida awarded $10,000 for 2024.


-Community foundation Helpful Hands, which supports quality of life programs for children, has provided on-going support for the piano gifting program with grants of $9,700 for 2023 and $8,700 for 2022 under the leadership of Pres. Regina Bereswill.


-Walt Disney World awarded the Steinway Society a 2023 grant of $25,000 from the World Disney Corporate Social Responsibility department, part of $1.5 million given by Disney to causes making a difference in Fl., recognizing its music program for disadvantaged children. Disney grants go to groups that work with homelessness, poverty, environmental protection, education, arts, science, youth issues and other causes.


-The Orlando Magic Youth Foundation awarded $20,000 for 2023 for the education program.


-Steinway Society was a finalist in the 2022 Victory Cup awards to non-profit organizations and was invited to the Feb 1 awards presentation at the Dr. Phillips Center. The previous year it received a grant from Victory Cup


For almost two decades, the Steinway Society has provided weekly piano lessons in YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community centers for disadvantaged elementary-aged school children, providing several thousand lessons each year over multiple sites. It has awarded over 300 pianos in its piano gifting program and showcased the skills of students at its concerts several times a year. The program continues this spring with 240 students in 13 central Florida locations.

Board members Gale Murphy & Carol Wonsavage, with education director Syvia Ferguson & grant writer Jolene Patrou at Walt Disney award ceremony.

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