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Disney World Presents Steinway Society Grant In Its 2023 Program

Walt Disney World has awarded the Steinway Society of Central Florida grant of $25,000. It was selected as one of 19 nonprofit organizations to receive a donation from @WaltDisney World to help create positive change in the state of Florida.

“The Steinway Society is deeply grateful to Walt Disney World for supporting its music education and piano gifting program for disadvantaged children in Central Florida,” said Society found and President Gary Grimes. “We are pleased that for over 17 years the Society has been able to offer these children access to pianos, formal lessons and to perform. Thanks to Board member Walter Kovshik, who manages our grant process.”

Founded in 2006, the Society provides on-going weekly group piano lessons in multiple locations for hundreds of elementary school children each year and has gifted over 250 pianos. Thousands of lessons have been provided in community centers, YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs. The results have often included higher academic performance by the child overall.

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